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X-Farce Reloaded #1 Rob Willis Variant


Don Chin, Bill Maus, Mike Baron, Ted Helard, Mark Lewis, Delfin Barral, Keith Gleason, Thad Rhodes

“X-Farce”, a complete 21-page adventure which was the first ever collaboration of Chin and Maus for Eclipse Comics in 1992. It was the best-selling black and white satire for that year, and was a parody of Rob Liefeld's X-Force #1. X-Farce members Cable TV, Dominoze, Eightball, Shboom Shboom, Garferal, Fallenstar and Tonto must thwart the evil Mpuppet Liberation Force and their secret weapon, the all-pungent wise-cracking mutant known as Cesspool!

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